Mulga Gidgee

Scott McCall

Scott McCall is the Co-founder and Director of Mulga Gidgee Pty Ltd. He is a trainer, speaker, consultant and social justice educator. Scott provides individual and group intercultural coaching, training, and mentoring.

Scott's work aims to support both Indigenous and non-Indigenous people engaged in addressing societal disadvantage by improving and maximising their emotional resilience, intercultural competence, and personal effectiveness.

Scott brings a unique socially progressive vision to the work of Indigenous community development, personal empowerment, and cross-cultural relations. This is the fruit of his 20+ years search for ways of working effectively and respectfully with First Nations people to bring about sustainable change and dynamic social development paradigms.

Ph: 0411 348 122


Cultural Competency, Workplace Mentoring and Corporate Governance

Public Speaking & Event Facilitation

Workforce Development and Diversity Employment Strategy

Remote Community "Drop & Roll" Expert (consultation, facilitation & casual management relief)